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Paleo Diet by Devin DiCarlo

Matt Pat is sitting down for dinner and on his plate is roasted yummy chicken and spinach green and long. Why he’s eating this you might ask? Why Does he have more energy? Well it’s all because of paleo.
What good It can do
Paleo is good for you, your health, and your fitness. Paleo is also good for
people around you because you are much more energetic and more fun to be around. Paleo can burn fat so you can lose weight quickly but it’s not only so you can lose weight or burn fat, it’s about a happier lifestyle. Say you’re sick, paleo is a good way to get back on your feet and be well again. Here’s a quote from paleo expert Terri DiCarlo “What I do today I will benefit tomorrow, the food choices I make today will only make me a healthier person.”
The history of paleo
There was a time in the world when cavemen walked the earth It was called the paleolithic era. The paleolithic era was about 2.6 million years ago in the stone age (which the paleolithic time was in) when there were cavemen. As you Know cavemen ate meat, vegetables, fruit, and anything they could get their hands on. Cavemen looked different from us but had some features like us. Cavemen were strong, fast, and lean all because of what they ate.
What you can eat
In paleo you can eat anything that the cavemen could eat or make such as meat, fruit, vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, fats, and some oils (these are everything you can eat in paleo). See, all of these are natural, that proves that paleo is actually good for you. You can’t deep fry anything but you can cook these any other way or in any combination that’s not with added foods that aren’t on the list.
Pros and cons of paleo

1.You are healthier
2.Reduces the risk of disease
3.You have more energy
4. You are more fit
First of all you are healthier and feel good who doesn’t want that. Secondly paleo can reduce the risk of disease but manly diabetes and obesity. Thirdly you have much more energy and you aren’t depressed or lazy. Fourthly you are fit because you’re have more energy and are healthier.

1.You are grumpy the first 5 days
2.It’s tempting when other people are eating junk food
3.It is expensive
4.Hard to find quality meat in any grocery store
First of all you are grumpy and hungry the first 5 days and they’re the worst 5 days of the paleo diet. Secondly it’s so tempting when other people are eating junk food because it makes you what to have junk food or food you can’t eat. Thirdly paleo is expensive because of the foods you have to buy.

So if you ever feel bloated or that you need more energy or even if you’re feeling depressed you should start the paleo diet today!😁

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