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The Healthy Way by Rhea Sethi

The Healthy Way

Written by Rhea Sethi

You must be thinking “why would I want to eat healthy?” Even though eating healthy may not seem like fun, it is! Eating healthy gives you nutrition, energy, stamina and keeps your body strong! Eating healthy helps you stay more active too! When you eat healthy you are basically helping your body be more energetic!

Time to talk about packaged foods, it has chemicals! How do you they last for so long? Packaged foods have preservatives which have chemicals that can be bad for your body and health. Now, I’m not here to talk about chemical reactions or tell you a bunch of long chemical names (this isn’t science class) but I will tell you that preservatives can cause cancer, especially when consumed at a large rate. It’s just not chips, Goldfish, Cheez Its, etc that have preservatives, it can also be found in bread, cheese, and more. I have a tip to avoid preservatives as much as you can. Buy fresh made foods! Like instead of getting bread in plastic bags from grocery stores, buy the fresh baked ones! Fresh baked breads can be found in grocery stores like Whole Foods and of course local bakeries! If you buy your bread from local bakeries then not only will you be eating healthier, you will also be supporting your local bakery! Also, fresh baked bread is a LOT more yummier than packaged bread.

Time to approach the most delicious topic (at least for me), sugar. Let’s face it, sugar is something that is super hard to avoid, but we can make healthy choices with it. Try not to eat sugar that much, maybe a couple times a week. Once you start eating less sugar, it will be easier to eat even less, and less, and so on! There is one type of sugar that you should constantly avoid though, it’s packaged sugar. Packaged sugars are Pop-Tarts, Froot-Loops, etc. Those types of packaged sugars have preservatives and a LOT of sugar. Instead of eating that type of sugar, try getting stuff from your local bakery or even try out baking yourself! I honestly recommend baking from home, it is so much fun! You just need to find a good recipe online and try it out! Another way to do some great baking is to join the baking club! We make fun and delicious treats! If you are interested please email and!  Back to the topic, you can eat sugar but try not to eat too often (a few times a week is a great start!) and try not to eat packaged sugar.

A great way to eat healthy is to have balanced meals. You may be wondering “what is a balanced meal?” A balanced meal includes protein (meat, soy, tofu), good carbs (rice, pasta etc), good fat (avocado, nuts). Most importantly: vegetables! Remember to eat a healthy proportion of everything! For meat, a good proportion is 3-4 ounces-it will look about the same size as a deck of cards. Try to have more than one cup of vegetables and have like 1-2 handfuls of good carbs and good fat. Don’t stuff yourself too much!

That is all you need to know about eating healthy! Trust me, once you start it, you will feel AMAZING!!!!!

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