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Top 7 Holiday Cheerful Towns in MA by Isaac Hanna

As they say, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ and some towns in our state — Massachusetts — take this time very seriously. By seriously, I mean, putting up a light show in their town center. Here are the seven in Massachusetts that put on fun light shows to go see:

  1. Attleboro 

Attroboro’s light show is about 70 years old. Many people from around the state come to see this show. 

  1. Rockport 

This seaside town brings the nautical trade into its holiday season. All through the month of December, candy-making demonstrations, caroling, holiday shows, plays and more. And it just gets better. On Christmas morning, Santa sails into the port on a lobster boat to greet the children of the town. I guess the reindeer would love the breather!

  1. Provincetown (Cape Cod)

If you’re dedicated enough to driving to the tip of Cape Cod, you will definitely be rewarded with very creative holiday season decorations! Some of these include a lobster trap Christmas tree, holiday-themed bingo, community gingerbread decorating and much more! 

  1. Taunton 

Just like Attleboro, Taunton has big light shows as well! This show has been taking place since 1914. That’s 107 years! Some people even call Taunton “The Christmas City” for its great light show. 

  1. Deerfield 

If you’re like me, and like historic colonial houses, Deerfield is a great place to celebrate the holiday season. This historic town prides itself on giving visitors a taste of authentic old New England. Plus, Yankee Candle celebrates the holidays year-round!

  1. Foxborough 

In Foxborough, there is Gillette Stadium, where the Patriots play. During the winter season, Gillette Stadium has a HUGE light show in their parking lot. This light show is in a drive-through style. You stay in your car and drive through the path, watching the lights! 

  1. Somerville

Some of you might not believe me, but listen to this. It has a 45-minute tour of the best lit houses in the town! You can even have hot chocolate, cookies, and crafts to make the whole experience even more fun! They even allow cyclists to ride their bikes while visiting the holiday-lit houses!

These are just some of the many towns in Massachusetts that celebrate the holiday season. Which town do you think gives the most holiday cheer?

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