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World Cup Review

By Will Collett

 Every four years, the World Cup takes place, and 2022 is one of those four years. This year, it is taking place in Qatar. Qatar is a country in the middle east and it is surrounded on three sides by the Persian Gulf. It juts out of Saudi Arabia and is about the size of Connecticut. There are 32 nations playing in the World Cup. Those nations are The Netherlands, Ecuador, Senegal, Qatar, England, The US, Wales, Iran, Poland, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, France, Australia, Tunisia, Denmark, Costa Rica, Germany, Spain, Japan, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Morocco, Switzerland, Cameroon, Brazil, Serbia, Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana, and Portugal. There are eight groups- Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G, and Group H (Can you guess each flag in the image below?). Each team in a group plays each other and the top two teams move on to the round of 16. From then, two teams play each other and the winner moves on to the next round, and so on. 

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