The Future Of Cam Newton and the Patriots

By Uraan Choudhury

On September 25, 2020

Cam Newton started his first game with the Patriots right home in Gillette against the Dolphins, where Newton ran for 2 touchdowns, and the Patriots ran for 217 yards. As the season progressed with a 35-30 close loss to the Seahawks. Now as they head for a home game against the Raiders in Week 3, many people are wondering about the future of the Patriots. Today I will be making predictions about their schedule, if Cam Newton will stay and if future success will be found in New England.


I predict a 11-5 record. Why? The good, the Patriots defence is the best in the league, with the 2019 Defensive Player Of The Year Stephon Gilmore, and tackle machine Adrian Philips. The bad, we have the teams we face. We got an away game in Week 4, not to any team, but the former Super Bowl champs Kansas City Chiefs. Then a Week 6 home game against the NFC Champions San Francisco 49ers. Week 9 against rushing sensation QB Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in Foxborough, and the next week in the Lone Star State with Rook, or known as Deshaun Watson and his Texans. The Texans got a star packed defence with J.J Watt and Zach Cunningham. Overall it will be tough with the first season, and there will be some losses, but as they say, there are lighter days ahead. With a loss to the Seahawks, Chiefs, Ravens, 49ers and Texans, they will get an overall record of 11-5.

Cam Newton, Will He Stay?

As for now, it is too early to say. Cam Newton wants to focus on winning, not the contracts or his future. Belichiek is stubborn, and has his own opinions. If Cam Newton performs well, there will be no reason to object him and release him. But if he performs sloppy, horrible and doesn’t show good results, we will kiss him goodbye. In my opinion, I really did not like tom Brady, but I LOVE Cam Newton. I think he can be the Face Of Our franchise, the Pats. 

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