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Christmas Trees, Where To Get Them! by Ben Oleson

In this article I will compare three different sources of Christmas Trees, because Christmas is just a few short days away. We will compare Mahoneys, Boy Scouts of America, and Russell’s Garden Center. I will compare the quality, price, and quantity/affordability of good trees.

As for Mahoneys, my family and I got our tree there, and boy can I confirm its quality. The price of Christmas trees depends on the quality of the tree, some of the worst trees cost twenty dollars, and have holes in the needles. While other trees can also cost up to 90 dollars, and be beautiful thick, tall trees with no holes. The other items such as smaller plants, trees and ornaments are also of good quality and price. They even have a whole fake tree room!

For The Boy Scouts of America, this is also a great choice, my family has supported them by buying trees in the past before, and at all times I was amazed by the great quality. This is also a great choice because of where the money goes, it goes straight into funding survival skills and trips for the Boy Scouts. I was in the Boy Scouts for several years and it was so much fun, and I learned a lot. 

As for Russell’s Garden Center, I’m running low on information, as the website doesn’t list prices or show many trees. So today, I’m going old school, by ear. From what I’ve heard from peers throughout the years, I haven’t heard a single bad thing about them. And that really saying something considering it’s the most mentioned Christmas tree shop that I hear.

All together you should probably go to Mahoneys, it has several shops right near our town and their quality and price are second to none! 

Disclaimer: My father and my grandfather have both worked for them for a decade or more and they say that it is super nice to work there – so you know the staff are friendly.

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