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Lockers: Hit or Miss? 

By Ben Oleson 

With the new addition of lockers, we have some bountiful information on how your fellow students (and even some teachers) like or dislike the new addition.

We interviewed some children doing after school activities from all the grades how they liked lockers, and overwhelmingly, it mostly positive! For example, we interviewed 6th graders with the overall vote of positive. This is probably due to the fact that they now have to carry a lot of stuff compared to elementary/online school. 

As for the 7th graders, we found that they were also positive. The vote was much closer than the last grade since we didn’t interview as many. And the same was with 8th graders and with teachers. Though the teachers gave more details on their opinions, some notes were:

“It really depends on how the kids use them. If they’re getting up in the middle of class to go to their lockers then I don’t support it. But if we are really strict about it then they won’t forget, and that would cause fewer back problems.”

We also interviewed a wellness teacher. They said: “As a teacher that knows about the human body, it’s really important to me that they dont ruin their posture and backs carrying their way too heavy backpacks.” As we can see, lockers also help us by making our backpacks less heavy. That is positive for our body and how we feel throughout the day. If we are wearing heavy backpacks all day long, five days a week 180 days a year, that can significantly result in pain in our back and it can change our mood and how we feel throughout the day. 

A lot of people say that they’re hard to open. And honestly I have to agree. Personally I think that if the lockers had keys instead of the combination locks that would be much easier. The combination locks take a long time and are super finicky. But once you get the hang of it, which does take a while, it won’t take you as long to open your locker.

In conclusion, there is proof that heavy backpacks ruin our posture and the daily sight of kids shoving their papers in their backpacks, just a few minutes every morning at your locker and clever use of space can solve most of your daily problems.

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