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Super Bowl 

By Will Collett

The Super Bowl is approaching and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Philadelphia Eagles are playing in it. The Chiefs’ regular season record was 14-3, and they were first place in the AFC. The Eagles’ record was also 14-3, and they were also first place in the NFC. The Chiefs’s all time record against the Eagles is 5-4, which is pretty close. Their most recent matchup was in 2021, which the Chiefs won 42-30. Although the Chiefs won the last matchup, many people believe the Eagles will win, because they think that they had a better season. 

The Eagles have much less experience in the Super Bowl than the Chiefs. The last time the Eagles appeared in the Super Bowl was 2018, While the Chiefs have been in the Super Bowl twice in the last three years. Many of the Eagles players have not been to the Super Bowl, but that probably won’t matter in the game.

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