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Top Ten Cupcake Flavors

Top 10 Cupcake Flavors, and why

By Julia Reck

10. Vanilla – Some of you may think it’s a bit boring,
but vanilla is number 10 because it comes in many
branched flavors: vanilla bean, French vanilla, ect. It
is also one of the common flavors in various candies,
pastries, cakes, and other sweet things. It also takes a
long and complicated process to make vanilla extract.

9. Pumpkin – Pumpkin cupcakes are number 9, because
they are REALLY popular during fall and winter months.
Another reason, is because you can put pumpkin
flavoring in just about anything ranging from pie to

8. Banana – Unusual, yes, but banana cupcakes are
number 8 because they are surprisingly popular, and go
extremely well with a variety of frostings and icings.

7. Coffee – Ah, coffee, some people couldn’t live without
it! Coffee cupcakes are number 7, because coffee just
about goes with anything sweet, so that means there
are a whole lot frostings you can put on top of it. It also
makes sense to even have a coffee cupcake, after all,
there is coffee ice cream, cakes, candies, and more!

6. Chocolate – Just about everyone loves this flavor!
Chocolate cupcakes are number 6 because there are

many, many different types of chocolate, like white,
dark, milk, semisweet, and more. Did you know that
chocolate gives the brain a feeling of pleasure?

5. Lemon – Surprising, but lemon is number 5, because
it has an unusual combination: A little sour, sweet,
and tart at the same time! It also mainly uses a sweet

4. Peanut Butter – Yes, I’m still coming up with strange
popular cupcake flavors, but peanut butter is number
4, because it has actually become quite popular in the
last couple of years. It also is not to sweet, so it can have
sweeter toppings or icings.

3. Carrot Cake – Probably the most bizarre of all
cupcakes here, but carrot cake is number 3, because
carrots have actually are mainly used in a lot of
European sweets. (Well, actually, in the European
middle ages) Carrots also have the most sugar in them
out of all vegetables! Carrot cupcakes go well with a
cream cheese frosting. (You could also eat them plain!)

2. Red Velvet – Red Velvet is number 2, because it is
one of the most widely known and delicious cupcakes!
Plus, it is not too sweet, so you can top it off with a nice
cream cheese frosting, or maybe vanilla.

1. Chocolate and vanilla – Let’s face, nearly everyone

likes either chocolate or vanilla! They are old time
classics, and can go with just about any topping!
Now that I have finished with my extremely long
cupcake flavor list, I took a survey with the same flavors
at Wayland Middle School (WMS) to see which ones
people liked:

10. Banana – 3
9. Carrot Cake – 5
8. Pumpkin – 6
7. Peanut Butter – 8
6. Coffee – 11
5. Vanilla – 12
4. Chocolate – 14
3. Lemon – 17
2. Chocolate and Vanilla – 19
1. Red Velvet – 22

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