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Top Five Google Doodles

Top Five Google Doodles
Nandita Subbiah

When you go to the Google homepage, sometimes there is a special Google logo for a famous person’s birthday, a holiday or something else.These Google doodles have been around since 1998 when Google’s founders went to the Burning Man festival in Nevada. There was a stick figure (the symbol of the Burning Man festival) on the second ‘’o’’of Google. Since then there have been over 700 Google doodles including interactive doodles. Here are my top five Google Doodles:

1. Guitar Google Doodle: On June 9, 2011 in honor of guitarist Les Paul’s 96th birthday the Google Doodle turned into guitar strings that you can actually play. People started posting videos of themselves playing songs on the Google Doodle on Youtube.
2.  The 119th anniversary of the first documented ice cream sundae: April 3, 2011 was the 119th anniversary of the first documented ice cream sundae.

3. Particle Google Doodle: The Google Doodle appears to be made out of dots. But if you pass your cursor over the doodle the dots spread out.
4.Jules Verne’s 183rd birthday: In honor of  Jules Verne’s (author of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea) 183rd birthday the Google logo turned into a submarine which you can steer using your cursor and see the animated underwater world.
5. 160th anniversary of the first World’s Fair: This google doodle is a picture but when you move your cursor onto the Google Doodle the cursor turns into a magnifying glass and lets you see animated details.

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