Junior Districts Auditions by Kally Proctor

Junior Districts Auditions

By: Kally Proctor


Nerves. A bundle of nerves. Excited, stressed, and worried. These emotions totally encapsulated what I’m sure everyone auditioning for Junior Districts felt. They had been practicing for weeks and months to prepare for this moment and it was finally here. Now, they would get to prepare themselves one final time before being judged, and figuring out whether it was all enough.


Last Saturday, kids from various towns along the Eastern side of the U.S. gathered together at Needham High School to audition for Junior Districts: a prestigious contest that accepts the best kids of their instrument and style. These kids had been preparing for this event for a while and they felt as ready as ever. Still, when we got there I cannot deny that we all felt (at least a bit) nervous to go on, but eventually we were lead to the practice rooms where we would be called to our audition.


But, of course, the anticipation of the thing is often worse than the thing itself, the auditions moved along smoothly, with students often saying “That wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.” because of course, they had practiced it many times. Afterwards, students sighed in relief, laughed with friends over how they thought they did, and worried over results.


I overall, thought that this experience was fun, exciting, and a great way to bond with friends, and get feedback on my music (which would also be helpful for next year). I would definitely do it again.


Congratulations to those of you who made it into Junior Districts this year!

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