The Rememberer: A Play to Remember! by Sasha Libenzon

The Rememberer, a Play to Remember!

By: Sasha Libenzon

From October to November students worked hard on putting on The Rememberer, the Fall play. They practiced almost everyday to put on an emotional and historic play that eventually had a happy ending. About 35 students helped bring the play to life. The play told the story of a young Native American girl named Joyce from the 1900, who was sent away to a Native American residential school where they basically tortured the kids. At this school kids were not allowed to speak their native language, see or send their parents anything, and had very strict rules to follow. The school forced the kids to speak english. It was a boarding school that allowed no sending letters or face to face contact meaning they had no communication with their family and friends. They also had no fun because the teachers made very strict rules. One day when The Rememberer died, he decided that Joyce would be the next Rememberer. This job was important for the Squawkin tribe. It meant to remember all the family history and important things that went on. Luckily Joyce left the Tulalip School for summer and was the Rememberer. If you didn’t see the play then that was a short summary about it! It was definitely a play to remember!

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