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I Am From

By Ariana Price I am from a petite town filled with luscious forests and friends who reside closeby. A town called Wayland. I am from the school bell’s calm hum that immediately starts chaos, and the “click” sound of students typing thoughtful poems in English. I am from bikes around my neighborhood  listening to other […]

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Vandalism At The Scout House

By Katie Collett You may have heard about the vandalism at the Wayland Scout house near the Wayland Town Beach, but I am going to tell you more details about the situation and how it affected the students here.  Three teenagers broke into the scout house and vandalized it. They smashed through the door with […]

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Baseball’s Back

By Joey Fay During the lockout, no trades or free-agent signings were allowed so now that the lockout is over, let’s take a look at some of the notable free agent signings in the past few days: Corey Seager- Ten year contract with the Texas Rangers. Javier Baez- Six year contract with the Detroit Tigers. […]

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Welcoming Ms. Turcot! 

By Brendan McGonegal  We recently gained a new member of the Wayland Middle School community, and we decided to do a welcome interview for her. Ms. Turcot is a 6th/7th grade English teacher, and we asked her the important questions about her and her work. Welcome to the WMS community, Ms. Turcot! Me: How long […]