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MLB Analysis by Will Johnson

The start to this MLB season has been pretty darn good.  The reigning champs, the Astros, aren’t off to a very hot start, but they are good, sitting with a record of 22-15.  The Red Sox got off to one of the best starts in franchise history, starting their first 20 games 17-3. They have cooled down a bit, now with a record of 25-10, which is still very good.  They currently lead the American League East. The Dodgers, last year’s runner ups, have not got off to a very good start. They are 15-19, as you can see, they have a losing record. Not good things to see coming from them.  Shockingly, the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have been TERRIBLE the last few seasons, are off to a very decent start. They are 23-11. Not too shabby. The Yankees have an absolute power house, that got off to a slow start. Giancarlo Stanton was in a massive slump, but he has bounced back nicely, hitting 2 dingers on Tuesday night against the Red Sox, also bringing his batting average back up to .237.  There have also been plenty of extra innings games, so it’s been a pretty crazy kick off to the 2018 MLB season!

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  1. Actually, Will, The Diamondbacks have been building and have been progressing up the standings, and they took the NL Wild Card game. But just sayin’

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